Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Next Generation?

At the moment, F1 is experiencing a 'golden age' of drivers. We have 6 world champions on the grid! (Schumacher, Alonso, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Button and Vettel), we also have another 5 Grand Prix winners, with many of the rest experiencing podiums, clearly this is a good time for F1.

However, in 5 years time where will we be? Schumacher will be long gone, as will Raikkonen and probably Button, Alonso may have retired as well. This leaves us with just Vettel and Hamilton, but who are the young guns who will challenge them? This will be a series of posts focussing on the next generation of drivers and champions, including some in the sport, and others from other series.


  1. I fully expect Perez to be amongst them.

    His pace this season has been very good but he's also shown a level of maturity that will take him a long way.

    Many of the 'young guns' this season will struggle because they are in the lower echelons of the F1 teams and haven't really impressed and may find it difficult to retain a seat.

    I do have high hopes of Vergne. If he gets a seat next season then he could be a very impressive driver to watch.

    If Grosjean can eradicate his first lap incidents he has the ability to be a world champion.

  2. Perez is the obvious one, and yes I was planning on reviewing him. Grosjean as well, Vergne is an interesting one as the real question is would he be here without Red Bull?