Monday, 1 October 2012

Hamilton to Mercedes/Perez to Sauber

This is a very obvious first topic to talk about, but its the story dominating the news at the moment and signals a huge shift in F1. This is the first time since 2009 when Alonso confirmed he was moving to Ferrari and Button moved to McLaren that there have been any big movers. There are a number of reasons why this is significant.

 Lewis Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the 'Big Three' comprising of himself, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. Indeed, he vies only with Vettel (and Usain Bolt) for the title of fastest man in the world. Surely a member of such an elite club would have his pick of the drives amongst the top teams, namely Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull. Thus it seems baffling that he ends up at Mercedes, currently the 5th fastest team in the sport, however when you consider the fact that clearly, Hamilton's relationship with McLaren has soured somewhat, due to many factors, leaving him with two options Red Bull and Ferrari. Many sources have said that Hamilton's agent approached both, Red Bull stuck with Webber and Alonso vetoed his move to Ferrari (apparently). Suddenly Mercedes seem more viable. Take into account Brawn, regulation changes in 2014 and probably a whole lot of freedom sponsorship wise, Hamilton's move is looking better. I think that somewhere in his mind Hamilton thinks a new Schumacher-esque product could come of it.

Schumacher, was widely regarded as one the best. Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the best.
Ferrari were in the doldrums but potentially had huge financial backing. Mercedes are in the doldrums, but could receive huge financial backing.
Ross Brawn. Ross Brawn.

When Schumacher moved a 'dream team' of  5 built up. Schumacher/Brawn/Rory Byrne/Jean Todt/Luca di Montezemolo. Hamilton has but two, himself and Brawn.

As such I believe that Hamilton has made the incorrect decision, but time will tell.

However, what I think the most exciting development is Perez's move to McLaren to fill his shoes. This move has been somewhat ignored. However this move could have much more short-term significance. It is very hard to see a race-winning car in Mercedes next season. However McLaren will almost certainly produce one, and one that Perez will drive. Perez has shone this season for Sauber and secured three magnificent podiums, and deserves the chance in my opinion. Alongside probably the perfect team mate for him, Jenson Button they will make a formidable duo. If Button can reproduce his 2011 form (or 2012 form without the middle bit) McLaren still have a very strong lead driver, in Perez they have a young gun who will definitely be a WDC. This is arguably stronger than great lead driver (Alonso, Vettel) and elder statesman capable on his day (Webber, Massa). I predict good things for McLaren next season. Very good things indeed.

Thanks for reading :) I hope this made some sort of sense

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